The Wolf and the Wayfarer - Narrative Short (2016)

A wandering pilgrim encounters a stranger while searching for a fabled monastery.

Written and Directed by Maazin Kamal, Starring Ronnie Clark, Joe Haege and Laura Lenee, Produced by Andrew Schwartz, Cinematography by Vadim Aynbinder, Production Design by Joshua Sampson, Edited by Jonathan Converse and Maazin Kamal, Original Music by Kevin Verwijmeren. Shot on location in the Sequoia National Forest, CA.

Official Selection: Eindhovens Film Festival, Blow-Up Chicago Arthouse Film Fest, Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest
Featured on: Film Shortage, Ain't it Cool News, One Room With A View, The Standard Print

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Bobo - Narrative Short (2016)

A single mother discovers the disturbing truth about Bobo, her daughter's imaginary friend.

Written, Directed and Edited by Maazin Kamal and Munis Rashid, Starring Malika Zafar and Mariyam Khalif, Produced by Asad Faruqi, Maazin Kamal and Munis Rashid, Cinematography by Asad Faruqi, Original Music by Ed Hamilton and Alex Kozobolis. Shot on location in Karachi, Pakistan.

Official Selection: Screamfest Horror Film Festival, Fine Cut, Fajr International FIlm Festival
Featured on: FIlm Shortage, Ain't it Cool News

Vast - Experimental Short (2013)

A celebration of human curiosity and exploration; inspired by a verse in William Blake's 'Auguries of Innocence'. 

Written and Directed by Maazin Kamal, Starring Joe Clark & Robert Corvin, Cinematography by Vadim Aynbinder, Produced by Robert Powell, Edited by Jonathan Converse, Production Design by Patrick Levy, Music by Gavin Singleton. Shot on location in Los Angeles, CA.